Wind power


Ocean Transport ™

Welcome to WingTek™

We are WingTek™ – an ambitious green maritime technology start-up, developing wind auxiliary propulsion systems and piloting the future of commercial shipping.


To revolutionise the deployment of Wind Auxiliary Propulsion to the global shipping fleet. Wind power is the only fuel-saving technology for ships that offers double-digit percentage savings and yet still be retrofittable to the majority of the existing global commercial fleet.


To dramatically accelerate maritime decarbonisation with the deployment of our mass-manufacturable wind auxiliary propulsion system, reducing fuel use, costs, pollution and CO2 emissions for ship owners, ship operators and the planet.

The Challenge

55,000+ commercial vessels over 5,000t worldwide

Burning more than 200Mt of fossil fuels annually

Emitting more than 700Mt of CO2 annually

Costing more than $200Bn in fuel each year

Shipping contributes 3% of total CO2 and 12-15% SOx/NOx emissions worldwide, every year.

The Consequences

Economic, regulatory, and reputational pressures are building for the global shipping industry to reduce its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has set a global target for shipping to reach Net Zero by 2050.

The Solution

There is no simple, single fuel replacement for diesel.

Therefore, hybrid solutions will be required and wind auxiliary propulsion is the key renewable technology in ship decarbonisation.

The WingTek Wingsail™ uses unique, retrofit, sea-proven designs derived from Walker Wingsails and when combined with the very latest in smart technology, offer the highest potential fuel savings and environmental benefits whilst supporting maritime collision regulations.

More than 15-20% average annual fuel savings are possible with optimal vessel routing.